– Why We Got Started –

Whitehall Manufacturing has a rich history in the healthcare market. Our roots began with an ambitious endeavor to help soldiers returning from World War II rehabilitate their injuries using whirlpools. However, it wouldn’t be until the 1980s, when Acorn Engineering Company acquired Whitehall, that the depth and breadth of our healthcare product line began to expand rapidly.

A product line that includes our revolutionary Care-Ware units, Scrub-Ware stainless steel sinks, a complete line of designer-friendly ligature-resistant plumbing products and accessories, and much more. We most recently embarked on a partnership to manufacture and promote one of the best dialysis boxes on the market today.


1946 Whitehall Manufacturing Founded

Whitehall Manufacturing was founded in 1946 by Sal Zaita. Based in New Jersey, at that time, Whitehall was the primary manufacturer of whirlpools with a mission to help treat injured soldiers after World War II. Zaita's original designs were hard to improve on, and Whitehall still manufactures many of his original designs today. It is a true testament to the quality and durability of the product and its design.

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1976 Care-Ware® Product Line Created

In 1976, Acorn Engineering Company launched the Care-Ware product line. This revolutionary product incorporates a toilet, washbasin, countertop, and cabinets into one unit, perfect for any critical areas of healthcare facility where it is difficult to include a complete bathroom. Care-Ware was later added to the Whitehall product line when Acorn acquired Whitehall.

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1986 Acorn Engineering Company® Acquired Whitehall

Whitehall Manufacturing, then known as Whitehall Electro-Medical, was acquired by Acorn Engineering Company. President Sal Zaita continued leading Whitehall for five more years. Since becoming part of Acorn Engineering at that time, Whitehall's operations were relocated to City of Industry, CA, where they remain today under a new company name, Morris Group International. Since then, Whitehall has attained and established a myriad of healthcare and rehabilitation product lines. The company's growth and innovation continue to soar.

1987 Scrub-Ware® Product Line Created

Whitehall developed and introduced Scrub-Ware®, a line of stainless-steel surgical scrub sinks ideal for pre-op scrub-ups. The Scrub-Ware line has since flourished and now includes standard, compact and ADA-compliant scrub sink models.

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2008 Acquired ThermoElectric

Whitehall acquired ThermoElectric, adding additional Dakon whirlpools to its product arsenal.

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2010 Whitehall Purchases Ferno Ille

At this point, Whitehall Manufacturing had been making hydrotherapy whirlpools for 64 years. Since then, through the acquisition of companies like Ferno-Ille, we have expanded our line of rehabilitation products to include the broadest line of hydrotherapy whirlpools in the industry.

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2013 Introduced BestCare®

Whitehall introduced its most innovative healthcare line to date: BestCare® ligature-resistant products. BestCare products are designed and constructed for behavioral healthcare environments and increase patient safety tenfold. BestCare plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories promote and enhance patient wellbeing in behavioral healthcare facilities without looking institutional. Instead, BestCare products are constructed of only our finest materials to elevate the patient's visual surroundings, as well as their overall safety.

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2016 Whitehall and AcornVac Join Forces

Whitehall celebrates 70 strong years of business in the healthcare marketplace! Whitehall's newest success includes our collaboration with AcornVac, an industry leader in vacuum plumbing systems. Together, Whitehall and AcornVac® offer the ultimate healthcare solution: sleek and durable plumbing products integrated with sanitary and non-invasive vacuum plumbing.

2016 Whitehall Rehab joins forces with CleatPRO®

In 2016 Whitehall Rehab joined forces with CleatPRO® to better service the ever-expanding Sports market. CleatPRO® glove and cleat steamers are used by youth, college, and professional teams around the world.

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2020 Whitehall Manufacturing Splits into Two Separate Divisions

Due to tremendous growth in both the healthcare and rehabilitation market, Whitehall Manufacturing splits into two separate divisions to better serve our customers. Whitehall Manufacturing maintains a focus on the healthcare industry, and Whitehall Rehab, in turn, focuses on the rehabilitation market.

2020 Whitehall Rehab Expands Product Line Again with Stainless Steel Stairs

With a growing focus on infection prevention in physical and rehabilitation therapy clinics everywhere, Whitehall Rehab expanded our product line once again. This time, it included stainless steel therapy stairs designed for patient safety, durability, and infection prevention. Training stairs have since become a part of the Whitehall Healthcare product line.

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2021 Whitehall Healthcare joins forces with WD Manor

This partnership allows WD Manor to leverage Whitehall's precision manufacturing power for the already highly regarded WD Manor Dialysis Box—the healthcare industry's best choice for patient safety and infection prevention. Whitehall also contributes product sales and marketing expertise needed to get the all-inclusive, labor-saving, cost-effective dialysis box into the hands of more engineers and facility owners.

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