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Whitehall Rehabilitation

Bimini NanoJet® ECO

Bimini NanoJet® ECO

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The Bimini Nanojet Eco is designed to pair with a home tub. Simply lay the hoses attached to the unit over the side of your tub to add oxygen perfusion. Bimini oxygen perfusion systems provide the ultimate in soothing comfort for sore muscles and make the perfect addition to your home.

Width 16" (406.4 mm)
Depth 16" (406.4 mm)
Height  28" (711.2 mm)
Weight  45 lbs (20.4 kg)
Voltage Type
Operating Voltage 115V
Amps 13A

Rehabilitation Products Brochure (pdf)

Sports Medicine / Equipment Brochure (pdf)

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BIMINI Nano Jet Oxygen Perfusion System Effects on Increased Performance and Muscle Recovery Study (pdf)

Is Bimini Nano Jet Treatment Safe From Oxygen Toxicity (pdf)

Bimini Oxygen Saturation Whitepaper (pdf)

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