Collection: Hydrolift Whirlpools

Treat Extremities Comfortably with the Hydrolift Whirlpool Lifting System

A whirlpool at the exact right height? It’s possible with the Hydrolift!

The Hydrolift raises and lowers a single whirlpool in order to comfortably treat upper and/or lower extremities. The fully adjustable Hydrolift can raise the whirlpool rim up to 36 inches (depending on the model). 

In normal operating conditions, the Hydrolift is stationary; however, the whirlpool features integrated casters. When mobility is required, the whirlpool can be lowered to the floor and wheeled to where it needs to go.

Hydrolift Models Compared

Model with Whirlpool Whirlpool Capacity Hydrolift only


10 Gallons (37.85 Liters) HL-10-M
15 Gallons (56.78 Liters) HL-15-M


22 Gallons (83.28 Liters) HL-22-M