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cleatPro Steamer

12 Cleats
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cleatPro Light

8 Cleats
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cleatPro Glove

4-8 Gloves
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cleatPRO® Products

Athletes need equipment that fits, and the process of wearing in new equipment can take weeks—and cause blisters if not done carefully! Whitehall® athletic training supplies — like the cleatPRO® system — help athletes perform better and recover faster.

The cleatPRO warming system solves this problem and more. It steams equipment in order to help shape it for a custom fit, enabling it to contour more effectively to the body. It’s effective as a cleat steamer or as a glove steamer!

Custom Fit Cleats

Helps to fit cleats and gloves to each individual athlete

Daily Cleaning Routine

Steam each day to keep equipment fresh

Improve Comfort

Use daily for comfortable fit


cleatPRO Steamer

Cleat Shaping

Steams cleats for a comfortable, personal fit

Hanging Stems

12 stainless steel stems with protective red ball tips

High Capacity

Heats 12 cleats (6 pairs) up to a men’s size 15

cleatPRO Light

Intended for Travel

Help athletes perform at their best, wherever they are

Steaming Rack

Securely holds cleats/gloves above the water

Medium Capacity

Heats 8 cleats (4 pairs) up to men’s size 17

cleatPRO Glove

Glove Steamer

Break in baseball/hockey gloves in a matter of hours

Hanging Stems

12 shortened stainless steel stems with protective red ball tips

Medium Capacity

Shapes and heats a total of 8 gloves at once


Seattle Mariners

“cleatPROGlove has been a great addition to our Clubhouse. The players loved it during spring training and continue to use it every day throughout the season.”

Ryan Styles, Clubhouse Manager for the Seattle Mariners

Manchester United

“Our cleatPRO® boot steamers are an excellent addition to the boot room. Our players and coaches use them daily and absolutely love them.”

Ian Buckingham, Kit Manager, Manchester United

Washington Capitals

“Our players and goalie love the cleatPRO® Glove; they use it daily before each practice and game.”

Brock Myles, Head Equipment Manager, Washington Capitals

cleatPRO® Videos

Sky Sports - Watford FC

Watford FC's Troy Deeney discusses how he breaks in his boots using the cleatPRO® Boot Steamer.

England National Team

England national team players using the cleatPRO® Boot Steamer while preparing for training (minute 0:14).

The Swans Show - Swansea City AFC

Watford FC's Troy Deeney discusses how he breaks in his boots using the cleatPRO® Boot Steamer.

All or Nothing - Manchester City

Featuring cleatPRO® Boot Steamer