Collection: Whirlpools

Whitehall® stainless steel whirlpools and hydrotherapy tanks are designed to aid in injury recovery, improve blood circulation, and decrease inflammation, speeding recovery time.

Hydrotherapy tanks are an integral part of whirlpool therapy. Whitehall Rehab offers a wide variety of different sizes and shapes to allow clinicians and therapists to select the products that best meet their patients’ needs.

hygienic stainless steel hydrotherapy tanks

Customization Available

Enhance team spirit with Enviro-Glaze® custom options.

Strength and Durability

All stainless steel construction

Superior Infection Control

Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to clean and sanitize

Mobile Whirlpools

Treatment of extremities (hands, feet, etc.); flexible spaces

Stationary Whirlpools

Larger whirlpools, whole body and extremity treatment; dedicated spaces

Sports Whirlpools

Sports-related injuries, treatment of extremities, hip, back, and shoulder areas; larger in size to fit larger athletes

Extremity Whirlpools

Compact design for the treatment of feet, ankles, lower legs, hands, wrists, and arms

Lo-Boy Whirlpools

Extremities as well as the whole-body immersion; treatment of pediatric and/or geriatric patients. Features lower-than-standard sides for easy access.

Hi-Boy Whirlpools

Hi-Boy Whirlpools feature taller sides in order to offer rehabilitative hydrotherapy for injuries to the back, hip, and shoulder areas.

Hydrolift Whirlpool Sets

Extremities; lift allows for placement of tank at the appropriate height

Slant-Back Whirlpools

Extremities, hip, back, and torso; slanted-back relieves pressure on hips. Suitable for bariatric patients.

Hubbard Tanks

Whole-body treatment

Cold Tanks

Cold therapy can be an important part of recovery. Cold is thought to create a muscle-guarding effect that constricts damaged tissue and prevents further damage; it can also result in vasoconstriction, narrowing blood vessels and reducing swelling.