Collection: Cold Tanks

Cold Tanks

Cold therapy can be an important part of recovery. Cold is thought to create a muscle-guarding effect that constricts damaged tissue and prevents further damage; it can also result in vasoconstriction, narrowing blood vessels and reducing swelling.

Whirlpools vs. Cold Tubs

Whirlpools and cold tubs both provide hydrotherapy.

Whitehall® whirlpools can function as both whirlpool therapy tubs and cold tanks by removing the turbine assembly and thermometer when cold therapy is required. The turbine assembly and thermometer can be replaced to covert the tank back to warm-water whirlpool use.

Dedicated cold tanks are designed for cold therapy only and cannot be converted to whirlpools.

  Cold Tubs
Cold Water Applications Yes Yes
Warm Water Applications No
Includes turbine assembly and support No Yes
Includes thermometer No Yes

Ice Tank Configurations

While most larger Whitehall® whirlpools can be converted into ice tubs by removing the turbine assembly, cold-therapy-only tanks are preferred in some cases. Below are Whitehall cold tanks available in Mobile, Stationary and Stationary with Legs configurations.

Volume Width Length Depth Type Mobile Stationary Stationary with Legs
60 gal 20" 36" 28" Hi-Boy 60-H-M-TO 60-H-S-TO ---
75 gal 20" 42" 28" Hi-Boy 75-H-M-TO 75-H-S-TO ---
75 gal 24" 52" 18" Lo-Boy 75-L-M-TO 75-L-S-TO ---
85 gal 20" 48" 25"
Sport 85-S-M-TO 85-S-S-TO 85-S-SL-TO
90 gal 20" 48" 28" Hi-Boy 90-H-M-TO 90-H-S-TO ---
90 gal 24" 60" 18" Lo-Boy 90-L-M-TO 90-L-S-TO ---
90 gal 24" 46" 25" Sport 90-S-M-TO 90-S-S-TO 90-S-SL-TO
105 gal 20" 48" 28" Hi-Boy 105-H-M-TO 105-H-S-TO ---
105 gal 25" 66"
18" Lo-Boy 105-L-M-TO 105-L-S-TO 105-L-SL-TO
110 gal 24" 56"
25" Sport 110-S-M-TO 110-S-S-TO 110-S-SL-TO