Whitehall S-85-SL 85 Gallons Stationary Whirlpool with Legs

S-85-SL 85 Gallon Whirlpool with Legs

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The S-85-SL whirlpool is specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries. The unit offers recuperative and healing therapy to the extremities, hips, back, and shoulder areas of athletes.

Though this is stationary whirlpool features a turbine with a discharge hose. 

Tank Length 48" (1,219 mm)
Tank Width 20" (510 mm)
Tank Depth 25" (635 mm)
Tank Height 34" (840 mm)
Tank Capacity 85 Gallon (322 liters)

S-85-SL Whirlpool Submittal (pdf)

Manual Stationary Whirlpool (pdf)
Manual for Whitehall Stationary Whirlpools
(models ending with -S,  -SL, -SL-SDP)

Rehabilitation Products Brochure (pdf)

Sports Medicine / Equipment Brochure (pdf)

Whitehall Rehab Full Line Brochure (pdf)