PHS-30 Combination Bath & Chair Lift

PHS-30 Combination Bath and Chair Lift

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The Patient Handling System (PHS) is a mobile bath lift system designed to easily convert into different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs for patients and residents in both the acute and long term care environments. Whether standing, seated or recumbent, the PHS system provides a dignified complete solution for residents needing aid getting in and out of bathtubs. Easy access and comfortablepadded seating surfaces ensure a pleasant bathing experience. These lifts are ideal with larger Whitehall Mobile Whirlpools.

Overall Front to Back 31.875" (810 mm) 
Overall Width 76.375" (1,940 mm)
Overall Height 68" (1,730 mm)
Whirlpool Tanks
L-75-M, L-90-M, L-105-M, L-105-SL,
S-90-M, S-90-SL, S-110-M, S-110-SL

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