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H-105-M 105 Gallon Mobile Whirlpool

H-105-M 105 Gallon Mobile Whirlpool

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The H-105-M mobile whirlpools are recommended for shallow or deep body immersion offering complete coverage of the extremities as well as the entire back and shoulder area with greater patient comfort.

Tank Length 48" (1,220 mm)
Tank Width 24" (610 mm)
Tank Depth 28" (710 mm)
Tank Height 33 1/2" (850 mm)
Tank Capacity 105 Gallon (397.46 liters)

H-105-M Whirlpool Submittal (pdf)

Manual Mobile Whirlpool (pdf)
Manual for Whitehall Mobile Whirlpools
(models ending with -M,-SDP)

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