P-10-S 10 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool

P-10-S 10 Gallon Stationary Whirlpool

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The P-10-S stationary whirlpool is recommended for treatment of the foot and ankle area.

Tank Length 22" (560 mm)
Tank Width 13" (330 mm)
Tank Depth 12" (305 mm)
Tank Height 18" (455 mm)
Tank Capacity 10 Gallon (37.85 liters)

P-10-S Whirlpool Submittal (pdf)

Manual Stationary Whirlpool (pdf)
Manual for Whitehall Stationary Whirlpools (models ending with -S, -SDO); 

Rehabilitation Products Brochure (pdf)

Sports Medicine / Equipment Brochure (pdf)

Whitehall Rehab Full Line Brochure (pdf)

MasterSpec Section 224300 - Healthcare Plumbing Fixtures  pdf | doc