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NanoJet Technology provides an all-natural, non-invasive treatment in which a patient simply soaks in a tub of water infused with Ultra-Fine Oxygen Nano-bubbles that can increase the oxygen concentration in the body — this gives it the potential to lead to extraordinary health benefits.

NanoJet Oxygen Perfusion Benefits:

  • Increased Oxygen
  • Oxygen increased blood flow
  • Encouragement of body tissue regeneration
  • Decreased inflammation and inflammatory proteins
  • Promotion of stem cell mobilization
  • Aiding in fighting infection
  • Revitalized mitochondria
  • Killing of anaerobic bacteria in oxygenated environments
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural ability to heal
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Bimini NanoJet®

Bimini NanoJet®

Bimini NanoJet Oxygen Perfusion System can be used in any existing or new hydrotherapy tubs. The Bimini System can be used as a portable system with hoses that easily feed into the water source or can be installed directly into the plumbing of larger whirlpools.

Bimini NanoJet® Pro

Bimini NanoJet® Pro

Treat multiple people at one time! This model is portable and designed to use in multi-function sports training facilities. Best of all there is no additional plumbing needed, just plug in and place hoses in the water and let your body breathe.

Bimini NanoJet® Eco

Bimini NanoJet® Eco

The Eco is perfect for treating yourself in the comfort of your own home. Place the hoses into your bathtub and help your body recover with this oxygen perfusion system. The NanoJet Eco is our small mobile system that’s easy to store at home. Sit back, relax, and let your body breathe.

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