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Bimini Oxygen Perfusion Systems provide the ultimate in soothing comfort for sore muscles and make the perfect addition to your therapy or training room. With Bimini, users soak in a tub of water infused with Ultra-Fine Oxygen Nanobubbles. Bimini offers the following benefits:

  • All-Natural
  • Non-Invasive
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Helps recovery after hard workouts
Bimini NanoJet®

Bimini NanoJet®

The Bimini NanoJet is designed to pair with selected Whitehall Stainless Steel tanks. This model can only be used and purchased with the following hydrotherapy tanks: LOT-90-M-SDP, LOT-90-S, LOT-105-M-SDP and LOT-105-S. Tanks cannot be retrofit after purchase. For a model that can be used with existing tanks, check out the Bimini NanoJet Pro.

Bimini NanoJet® Pro

Bimini NanoJet® Pro

Treat multiple people at one time! The Bimini Nanojet Pro is designed to pair with an existing Whitehall cold tank. It can also be used with any in the ground pool, allowing several people to experience the benefits of Bimini oxygen perfusion at one time.

Bimini NanoJet® Eco

Bimini NanoJet® EcoCOMING SOON!

The Bimini Nanojet Eco is designed to pair with a home tub. Simply lay the hoses attached to the unit over the side of your tub to add the benefits of oxygen perfusion to any tub.

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