Whitehall Manufacturing Celebrates 75 Years!

Whitehall Manufacturing Celebrates 75 Years

Since 1946, Whitehall Manufacturing has been a trusted name in healthcare and rehabilitation plumbing products.

With soldiers returning from World War II, founder Sal Zaita saw a market for rehabilitative whirlpools. These whirlpools were so successful that Whitehall continues to produce them today.

Acorn Engineering Company acquired Whitehall in 1986, and since then, Whitehall has grown to manufacture product lines that address a diverse range of needs. From its new parent company, Whitehall began by taking on the Care-Ware® product line, a line of revolutionary patient care stations that combined a toilet, washbasin, countertop, and cabinets into one compact unit for critical areas of healthcare facilities.

From there, Whitehall Manufacturing developed and introduced the Scrub-Ware® line of surgical scrub sinks, Thermalator® moist heat therapy devices, and the BestCare® line of ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures; acquired the companies ThermoElectric and Ferno Ille; and joined forces with AcornVac to offer the ultimate solution for safe and hygienic healthcare plumbing.

In its 75-year history, Whitehall has proven itself as a leading manufacturer of hygienic, long-lasting, stainless steel products for the healthcare and rehabilitation markets. In 2020, due to continued growth, Whitehall broke into two divisions under parent company Morris Group International to address the differing needs of the healthcare and rehabilitation markets more effectively. Whitehall Healthcare and Whitehall Rehabilitation will continue to innovate and create products that make healthcare facilities safer, cleaner, and more welcoming to patients.

We celebrate Whitehall’s 75 years in business, and we look forward to many more!

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