Morris Group International Releases Season Three, Chapter One Video: Healthcare Design & Manufacturing Challenges

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – July 1, 2022

Morris Group International has released a new video in the ongoing series of insider videos. Seasons One and Two featured MGI Chief Executive Officer Donald E. Morris. Season Three will focus on Don’s children and their positions within MGI.

Season Three, Chapter One features Kristin Kahle, President of Whitehall Manufacturing. “I like being in the healthcare arena because we are focusing on healthy buildings, on reducing water consumption... on providing infection-free environments.”

Working in the healthcare sector means precision and safety are key concerns and balancing those needs against the practical side of construction is important to Kristin. “A lot of times, the facility will want a specific type of product,” explains Kristin, but manufacturing that product doesn’t always align with the project’s construction timetable. Part of the challenge is finding products that will accommodate the project’s timeline during construction while also accommodating patients’ needs after the building is completed.

To hear more of Kristin’s perspective and plans, watch the video above.

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